Saturday, February 9, 2008

Who knew this country was a thief?

Yesterday was mostly a good day. I slept the whole night and felt super rested when we got up around 10am. We went to the Open Society Archives so Julie could watch silent black and white home movies from hungary in the 50's. She has to do a project where she comments on gender stereotypes from these films. We found this section that was christmas morning and this little girl of five or six is given the gift of a your first washroom set. At some point while we were waiting for the archive to retreave the tapes we went and had lunch at a cafeteria called Rosevelt's. At this point i dropped my opened bottle of 7up under the table of three unsuspecting ladies, whom all got sprayed with it one in the face. This is all Tom's fault, one of julie's friends here, because i recognized him and got excited and allowed the beverage to jump from the tray. We went back to the Archives after lunch, which has this exibit in it about taxonomy
and had some birds living in a cage their. Their chirping added to the ambiance of the building. Then we went to the Szent Istvan Bazilika and saw his shriveled, severed hand. Fun. Check it out. Severed hand of a saint. nice. Here is a whole history of Saint Stephen of Hungary if you are interested. Then we went to the Nagycsarnok, which is a big open market in a Turkeh style building. We bought lots of fruit and Vifon which is like oddles of noodles. I stood next to a gutted and possibly salted suckling pig. Then we went to heather's flat (julie's friend heather, and now my friend heather) and made dinner. I brought cheese which was complicated to buy since i know all this stuff about cheese but can not read the labels. There seems to be some local sheep cheese very simalir to the fresh cheese i made in washington. i'm not too sure yet but i am investigating. Dinner was nice and i met lots of people from Croatia. We took the night train home and someone was checking tickets on the commuter train which they seem to never do. When we got back to the dorm my luggage had arrived. Super, except for the fact that things are missing from my bag. Important things. The chargers to my camera and portable hard drive. What the fuck. So angry about this. I yelled a little bit. So i filled a complant. Oh and my pentax got beat on a little so the lens cap is fused to the lens. Great. I also remembering other stuff that was in the bag but now is not. Like my pack of Qtips, and a couple of pounds in change. Are they that desperate for Qtips here, really! So i ordered new ones so they will get here before i leave. I hope. Julie and i have a game, mainly it's my game and i force julie to play. I see a woman on the street that in america you could peg as a gay woman, and i say look she was a gay, and then julie shoots me down. But yesterday i did see one we both agreed as a gay. And i saw one black man.
B=1 L=1

Today i felt awful and slept most of the day. Then in the afternoon we tried to go to the geocery store but it was closed. I saw a duck sleeping on a shopping cart that is stuck in the water in this litte river right next to a camp of Roma's (which are gypsys that hungarians don't seem to like). Now i'm just trying to find a yarn store here which does not seem to exist. But i will find it it is my quest.

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