Saturday, February 23, 2008


I started to write this blog once, but lost it. I started with something about wanting roasted garlic. So Romania. I took the train on Monday night and rode with this Skiboarder girl from Prauge who was going to complete in the Romanian Skiboard world cup, which she won last year. When I get the results of the competition i will let you know how she did. When i got in to Brasov I caught a bus from the train station and found my hostel. about Brasov
The hostel was nice, not real strict about checkin times, a little dog lived there, they had american television that was subtitled in Romanian, and it was super cheap about $17 us. So i found the hostel, dropped off my stuff, and went to explore the town of Brasov. It had snowed the whole night onthe train and during that day it snowed gently, and it was lovely. Not to cold, but much colder than Budapest. It also took me two hours in a bank to change travelers checks. In the evening, i went back to the hostel, made some pasta and knit a whole fingerless glove. The next day i got up early, took a bus to the Autogarta 2 (Big bus station) and then a bus to Bran. Bran is the town that Bran Castle is in and is the castle the communists told everyone was Dracula's castle. Do you know what this means kids? Lots of stupid junk with dracula on it. I am now to t-shirts richer. Also the money in Romania is not worth much in compairison to the US dollar, so i had so much money i seemed to have trouble getting rid of it all. At the bottom of the hill that Bran Castle is on there is a little village market full of locals selling the dumb dracula stuff. But also they are selling their handknits. There were knitters everywhere. All over women were stitching. Also the first thing i bought there was sheep cheese. Nice. After all this i took the bus back to Brasov and then took the train overnight (another 10 hours) back to budapest and Julie. I awoke her with cake as a celeabatory gift. The next two days were walked all through Budapest, the jewish district and yesterday all around the castle. You should see the pictures on Facebook. Also yesterday was Big trash day that ment that people save up their bag trash like furnature and stuff for these two days of the month, and of course everyone goes through these huge piles of junk on the street. Old junk. Pre soviet junk. Junk. We also went out last night after dinner at Heather's. This included lots of talking about the importance of Pherimones and trying to convince someone that they do exsist. Did i mention earlyer that day i met with two hungarian knitters and we all knit in public, which they don't do here. We are meeting next week before i leave for Vienna. Anyway. I need a call for addresses. Send them to me.

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