Sunday, February 3, 2008

The trip begins

So the trip begins. Day one I break down in Virginia and my parents have to come get me. I know i told everyone i was leaving thursday morning. I didn't leave till friday afternoon at a little after 1. I drive and drive and get a little past Richmond and it starts to get dark. So i turn on my lights except that i can't really tell the lights are on. So I flash the highbeams. The radio shuts off. Really bad sign. I pull over to a gas station in ladysmith (where ever the hell that is) and the car shuts off . So i wait in the car from about 6 pm to like 10:30 pm in the cold. This sucked. So today i got to play with my little cousin and it was great. We rolled around on the floor and giggled. It was fun. I got my international cell phone which has it's own number you can call me on. +447924443107 lots of numbers. I am nervous about this trip but today i talked to my grandma about her and my grandfathers travels through these very countries and i feel better. It used to be much more difficult but now you can find hostels on the internet easy. And my uncle showed me pictures of the boat we will be on. So cool. I can jump off it onto the shore and then walk along beside it and jump back on it's so close. CANALBOAT!!!! I miss greensboro.

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