Friday, February 8, 2008

Where does the luggage go?

Ok the plane ride sucked. Not at first, at first it was nice. There were very little people on the plane. I had three seats all to myself. And i got to watch Rattatooe and Vanity Fair and have a nice pasta dinner. Then i didn't sleep. For hours. And right at the moment when i went out they turned the lights on for landing. So we land and i hike six miles to the terminal. Litterally. Then i have to go through security again. Then they don't post the gate my plane is leaving from. Then the plane is late. Then after i arrive in the budapest airport, no luggage. Where does the luggage go? Supposabley they didn't put it on the plane in london and it should come with the five o clock flight. They should deliver said luggage to the dorm by tomarrow morn. If not i'm going to raise hell. Lot's of it. Julie picked my up at the airport, and we had this intense moment in the airport. Both of us crying and people looking on. It seems hungarians don't really show these kind of emotions in public, but they do love to make out on public transport. She led me to your dorm through the metro and some buses. Then we talked and talked. Then i lost control and took a nap. In fact we both did. After the nap we both went into the buda part of the city (the nice part) and met some of julie's schoolmates for dinner. In this strange bar in the jewish district that had packing plant flaps over the doors and strange old furniture in it. I might have been a old factory or apartment complex. I had the fish sandwich, which was a half a baggete with tuna fish on it and then covered in cheese and warmed. Not too bad for three dollars or so. Then we sat and talked a while and then walked home. I am so tired. Why am i still awake.

*note for alanna: no blisters yet but i don't think we factored in how the boots combined with wool sock would equal the constant rubbing off of my leg hair. How were you to know, since you don't have any.*

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